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TNA user reports


# Hosting Institution  Chamber/ Calibration Centre Project title  Acronym PI name Home Institution Country CoA (days)
No of users User and scientific report Dates
tot new
1 KIT  AIDA Ice nucleation activity of marine aerosol particles  AIDA-001-2017 Matthew Salter Stockholm University Sweden 20 4 4 PDF 30/01/2017 -24/02/2017
2 CNRS  CESAM Aqueous Formation of Brown Carbon:  Effects of Photooxidation, Clouds, and SO2   CESAM-001-2017 David De Haan University of San Diego USA 14 4 1 PDF 04/07/17 - 24/07/17 
3 FZJ  SAPHIR  ISOPOOH and IEPOX photochemistry SAPHIR-001-2017 Frank Keutsch Harvard University USA 18 4 4 PDF 10/04/17 - 28/06/17
CNRS  HELIOS   Quantifying the Importance of Ketone Photolysis to Tropospheric Oxidation  HELIOS-001-2017   Jared Brewer Colorado State University  USA   -  3 REFUSED 
CNRS  HELIOS Quantifying the Importance of Ketone Photolysis to Tropospheric Oxidation  HELIOS-002-2017 Jared Brewer Colorado State University USA 25 2 1 PDF 20/06/17 - 15/07/17
 CEAM EUPHORE Photolysis of oxygenated compounds under natural irradiation  EUPHORE-001-2017 Alexandre Tomas IMT Lille Douai France 8 2 1 PDF 12/07/17 - 21/07/17
7 KIT  AIDA  MAN-INUIT09 AIDA-002-2017 Nicholas Marsden University of Manchester UK 14 1 0 PDF 06/07/17 - 21/07/17
CNRS  HELIOS The photolysis of higher aldehydes: Ethenol puzzle  HELIOS-003-2017 Jovan Tadic Lawrence Berkeley National Lab USA 2RP 1 1   Spring 2019
9 UEA  RvG-ASIC  Kinetic isotopic fractionation of the d13C signature of methane during sea ice formation and melt   RvG-ASIC-001-2017 Ellen Damm   Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Germany 30  PDF  06/11/17 - 05/12/17
10  UEA   RvG-ASIC Microbial Life in Frost Flowers: determining seeding sources and spatial structure RvG-ASIC-002-2017   Catherine Larose CNRS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon  France  3  PDF   22/10/17 - 24/10/17
11  UEA   RvG-ASIC Optical properties of first-year sea ice under formation and decay   RvG-ASIC-003-2017   Verena Hof  Max Planck Institute for Meteorology  Germany  14  2 PDF 08/01/18 - 22/01/18 
12  KIT  AIDA  SOA formation from anthropogenic and biogenic precursors  AIDA-003-2017  Claudia Mohr  Stockholm University  Sweden  15  1 PDF 06/11/17 - 24/11/17
13  FORTH  FORTH-ASC  Evaluation of a dual chamber system for field studies of atmospheric pollution  FORTH-ASC-001-2017  Christos Kaltsonoudis  Carnegie Mellon University  USA  1 REFUSED
14  BUW  QUAREC  Atmospheric chemistry of unsaturated aldehydes  QUAREC-001-2017  Alexandre Tomas  IMT Lille Douai  France  10  PDF    15/02/18 - 15/03/18
15  UEF  ILMARI   Investigation of secondary organic aerosol from wood and engine combustion and mixtures thereof ILMARI-001-2017  Ralf Zimmermann  University of Rostock  Germany   -  REFUSED
16  FORTH FORTH-ASC  Formation and properties of secondary organic aerosol from the photoxidation of α-pinene aged products  FORTH-ASC-002-2017  Rafal Szmigielski  Polish Academy of Sciences  Poland  20  PDF  26/11/17 - 02/12/17 and 27/05/18 - 09/06/18
17  BUW  QUAREC  Gas-phase reactivity study and degradation mechanisms of selected hydrofluoroolefins: atmospheric implications and assessment as possible candidates of CFCs replacements QUAREC-002-2017  Maria Sagrario Salgado Munoz  Universidad de Castilla de La Mancha  Spain  15  3 PDF  01/02/18 - 15/02/18 
18  UEF ILMARI   Investigation of the toxicity of aerosols from wood and engine combustion and mixtures thereof: direct cell exposure and analysis of combustion aerosol toxicological properties ILMARI-002-2017  Sebastian Öder  Helmholtz Zentrum München  Germany  REFUSED 
19  UEF  ILMARI  Investigation of the toxicity of aerosols from wood and engine combustion and mixtures thereof: direct cell exposure and analysis of combustion aerosol toxicological properties from primary and secondary organic aerosol  ILMARI-003-2017  Ralf Zimmermann   University of Rostock   Germany  25  PDF  15/01/18 - 23/02/18 
20  FORTH  FORTH-ASC  Chemical aging of ambient organic aerosol  FORTH-ASC-003-2017  Christos Kaltsonoudis  Carnegie Mellon University USA  15  0  PDF 12/03/18 - 05/04/18
21  TROPOS  LEAK-LACIS  Exploring the limits of the Michigan Technological University (MTU) holographic droplet detection system HoloPi LEAK-LACIS-001-2017  Neel Uday Desai  Michigan Technological University  USA  10  PDF  22/03/18 - 07/03/18
22  PSI  CCSM SooMount: SOOT mixing state at mountain sites (Monte Cimone/Po Valley and Bolivia experiments)  CCSM-001-2017  Angela Marinoni  National Research Centre  Italy   REFUSED
23  PSI  CCSM   SooMount: SOOT mixing state at mountain sites (Monte Cimone/Po Valley and Bolivia experiments)  CCSM-002-2017  Angela Marinoni  National Research Centre  Italy   6   2  2 PDF   22/01/18 - 29/01/18
24  TROPOS   LEAK-LACIS  Investigation of Coupled Quinone-Iron Chemistry and Photochemistry within Aqueous Aerosols  LEAK-LACIS-002-2017   Jonathan Raff  Indiana University  USA  18 PDF  28/05/18 - 20/06/18
25 TROPOS  OGTAC CC Training  Aerosol particle organic analytical training course  OGTAC CC-Training- 001-2018  Hathalie Hayeck  CNRS IRCELyon  France  5  PDF  22/01/18 - 26/01/18 
26 TROPOS  OGTAC CC Training   Aerosol particle organic analytical training course  OGTAC CC-Training- 002-2018  Elena Gomez Alvarez  University College Cork Ireland  5  PDF  29/01/18 - 02/02/18 
27  CNRS  ISAC  Atmospheric deposition impacts on biochemistry and photochemistry of the sea surface layers of oligotrophic systems   ISAC-001-2018 Sanja Frka Milosavljevic  Ruder Boskovic Institute  Croatia  10 PDF  18/06/18 - 29/06/18 
28  PSI  PACS-C3  Online analysis of volatile organic gases released from cell cultures upon aerosol deposition as a diagnostic tool for metabolic processes  PACS-C3-001-2018  Armin Wisthaler  University of Oslo  Norway  10 PDF   12/02/18 - 02/03/18
29  TROPOS  OGTAC CC ILC  First OGTAC CC inter-laboratory comparison (ILC)   OGTAC CC - ILC - 001 - 2018 Ana Kroflič  Slovenia National Institute of Chamistry  Slovenia  25  10  PDF   21/03/18 - 30/08/18
30 PSI PACS-C3 Understanding secondary aerosol formation from biomass burning and coal combustion through the application of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray ionization ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry  PACS-C3-002-2018 Alexander Vogel   Goethe-University Frankfurt Germany 12  2 2 PDF  03/04/18 - 18/04/18 
31 KIT AIDA Volcanic Ash Ice Nucleation in Clouds (VAINIC02) AIDA-004-2018 Elena Maters University of Leeds United Kingdom 15  1 1 PDF 23/04/18 - 11/05/18
32 CEAM EUPHORE The impact of structure on the stabilisation yields of atmospherically important Criegee Intermediates from alkene ozonolysis EUPHORE-002-2018  Mike Newland University of York United Kingdom 13   1 1 PDF  02/07/18 - 18/07/18 
33 PSI PACS-C3  Direct aerosol chemistry investigations with advanced mass spectrometric methods   PACS-C3-003-2018 Markus Müller  Ionicon Analytik GmbH  Austria 11  1 1 PDF  15/04/18 - 27/04/18 
34  CEAM EUPHORE  Intercomparison of instruments for the measurement of small oxygenated organics   EUHORE-003-2018  Marvin Shaw  University of York  United Kingdom  10  PDF  21/05/18 6 01/06/18 
35  CNRS  CESAM   Chemical characterization of the African dust precursor that contributes to dust suspension and deposition at the NE Antarctic coast CESAM-002-2018  Nadine Mattielli  Université Libre de Bruxelles  Belgium  4  PDF  14/05/18 - 17/05/18 
36  CNRS  CESAM  Characterization and calibration of a new instrument for filter-based measurement of aerosol absorption coefficient at 5 wavelengths   CESAM-003-2018 Maurizio Busetto  Enviromental Physics Bologna   Italy  5  PDF  17/09/18 - 21/09/18
37  CEAM EUPHORE  Factory boundary pollutants monitoring  EUPHORE-004-2018  Clotilde Vivant  Blue Industry and Science  France  7   3 PDF  20/06/18 - 29/06/18
38  UCC  IASC  Instrumental inter-comparison and kinetic study of halogen oxides and NOx instrumentation (HALOXCOMP)   IASC-001-2018 Roberto Grilli  Institut des Géosciences de l'Environnement (IGE) - CNRS  France  12  PDF  16/07/18 - 27/07/18 
39  FZJ  SAPHIR  Chemistry of isoprene with NO3 under various conditions  SAPHIR-002-2018  Mattias Hallquist University of Gotheburg Sweden 20  9 PDF  23/07/18 - 28/08/18 
40  KIT  AIDA AIDA (Aerosol Interaction and Dynamics in the Atmosphere) investigation on ice nucleation activity of dust particles emitted from cattle feeding operations in Texas Panhandle AIDA-005-2018  Naruki Hiranuma  West Texas A&M University  USA  17  PDF   0810/18 - 26/10/18
41  TROPOS  OGTAC CC  Detailed molecular characterization of organic aerosols from Domestic Solid Fuel burning (DSF)   OGTAC CC-Training-003-2018 Maria Elena Gomez Alvarez    University College Cork Ireland  15 PDF  11/10/18 - 31/10/18 
42  FZJ SAPHIR Testing of a new instrument for the detection of glyoxal based on cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy   SAPHIR-003-2018  Xin Li Peking University China 6   2 PDF  02/04/19 - 05/04/18
43  CNRS  CESAM  Optical properties of Icelandic dust: implication for the Earth’s radiative balance  CESAM-004-2018  Zongbo Shi  University of Birmingham  United Kingdom  10   2 PDF 13/01/19 - 26/01/19
44   PSI PACS-C3 EESI-Vocus Optimization, Kalibration, and Evaluation (EVOKE)  PACS-C3-004-2018  Jordan Krechmer  Aerodyne Research  USA  17  3 PDF  13/01/19 - 05/02/19 
45  CNRS HELIOS  Atmospheric Chemistry of CHF2CH=CF2: OH and NO3 radicals, Cl-atoms and O3 kinetics and Intermediate and end-oxidation products investigation  HELIOS-004-2018  Vasileios Papadimitriou University of Crete  Greece  23  PDF   10/06/19 - 10/07/19
46  FZJ SAPHIR   Investigation of the impact of nitryl chloride chemistry on the radical budget in ambient air SAPHIR-004-2018 Roberto Sommariva  University of Leicester  United Kingdom  5   2 2 PDF 31/01/19 - 08/02/19 
47  CNRS  CESAM  Characterization of a Blaustein Atomizer system  CESAM-005-2018  Dario Massabò  PM_TEN  Italy  6  PDF  25/01/19 - 01/02/19 
48  UEA  RvG-ASIC   Effect of experimental scale on the growth processes of artificial columnar sea ice RvG-ASIC-004-2018  Tokoloho Rampai  University of Cape Twon South Africa 10  PDF 01/03/19 - 15/03/19 
49  FORTH  FORTH-ASC   Formation and properties of secondary organic aerosol from the photooxidation of β-caryophyllene aged products FORTH-ASC-004-2018  Agata Kołodziejczyk  Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences Poland  30  PDF  10/06/19 - 19/07/19 
50  CNRS-IRCELyon  ISAC  Photoreactivity of nanoplastics in the aquatic environment  ISAC-002-2019  Monica Passananti  University of Turin  Italy  10   2 PDF  18/03/19 - 29/03/19 
51  UEA  RvG-ASIC  Testing the sensitivity of an underwater methane sensor HydroC-CH4 to various dissolved methane concentrations to mimmick conditions encountered in the field  RvG-ASIC-005-2019 Caroline Jacques  Université Libre de Bruxelles  Belgium  11    27/10/19 - 08/11/19
52  PSI  PACS-C3  Molecular composition and volatility of secondary organic compounds from nitrate radical oxidation of biogenic and anthropogenic volatile organic compounds PACS-C3-005-2019  Cheng Wu   Stockholm University Sweden  30  PDF  25/02/19 - 31/03/19 
53 TROPOS  LEAK-LACIS  Linking peroxides in the gas and particle phase of secondary organic aerosol  LEAK-LACIS-003-2019  Markus Kalberer  University of Basel  Switzerland  26 PDF  19/02/19 - 22/03/19 
54  UMAN MAC-MICC   Phase state of particles formed in seeded and unseeded oxidation of mixed SOA precursors MAC-MICC-001-2019 Zhijun Wu  Peking University  China  20  PDF  04/03/19 - 29/03/19 
55  TROPOS  OGTAC CC  Aerosol particle organic analytical training course  OGTAC CC-Training-004-2019  Eimear Heffernan  University College Cork  Ireland  10  PDF  18/03/19 - 29/03/19 
56  TROPOS   OGTAC CC  Aerosol particle organic analytical training course  OGTAC CC-Training-005-2019   Sophie Haslett  Stockholm University  Sweden  5  6 PDF  25/03/19 - 29/03/19
57  TROPOS   OGTAC CC  Aerosol particle organic analytical training course  OGTAC CC-Training-006-2019   Diite Thomsen  Aarhus University  Denmark  5  PDF 01/04/19 - 05/04/19
58  PSI  PASC-C3  The molecular composition of products formed from chlorine oxidation  PACS-C3-006-2019  Sophie Haslett  Stockholm University  Sweden  17  PDF  30/03/19 - 14/04/19
59  UAIC  CERNESIM  Secondary organic aerosol formation from volatile organic compounds degradation from Green Waste Products emissions CERNESIM-001-2019  Raluca Ciuraru Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique  France  10  PDF  02/09/19 - 13/09/19
60  FORTH  FORTH-ASC  Oxidation of organo-silicone compounds in the atmosphere   FORTH-ASC-005-2019  George Biskos The Cyprus Institute  Cyprus  17  PDF  13/06/19 - 05/07/19
61  TROPOS  LEAK-LACIS  Exploring performance of the Fast Infrared Hygrometer across the range of environmental conditions  LEAK-LACIS-004-2019 Tadeusz Stacewicz  University of Warsaw  Poland  14  PDF  20/05/19 - 07/06/19
62  CEAM EUPHORE  The formation of beta-dicarbonyls, enols, and organic acids in the photo-oxidation of gamma-dicarbonyls  EUPHORE-005-2019  Mike Newland  University of York  United Kingdom  15  PDF  28/05/19 - 13/06/19
63 TROPOS  LEAK-LACIS  LOW-weight Aerosol Monitoring Evaluation CHAMber exPeriment (LOWAMECHAMP)  LEAK-LACIS-005-2019  Patrik Winiger  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  The Netherlands  5  PDF 08/04/19 - 12/04/19 
64  UEA  RvG-ASIC   Effects of Ice Stressors and Pollutants on the Arctic Marine Cryosphere (EISPAC) RvG-ASIC-006-2019  Zhiyong Xie  Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht   Germany 22  PDF  22/04/19 - 24/05/19 
65  FORTH  FORTH-ASC  Nucleation precursors under ambient conditions  FORTH-ASC-006-2019  Spiro Jorga  Carnegie Mellon University  USA  REFUSED
66 CNRS  HELIOS  Atmospheric Degradation of a Series of Epoxy Compounds  HELIOS-005-2019  Peter Wiesen  Bergische Universität Wuppertal  Germany  15  2 PDF  13/07/19 - 04/08/19 
67  CNRS  CESAM   Aqueous Formation of Brown Carbon from Pyrogallol and Syringol Photo-oxidation.  CESAM-006-2019 Mikael Ehn  University of Helsinki  Finland  19  10  PDF  03/06/19 - 28/06/19
68  FORTH  FORTH-ASC  Organic characterization of secondary biomass burning aerosol through advanced spectrometric (MS and NMR) techniques  FORTH-ASC-007-2019  Stefano Decesari  CNR - ISAC  Italy  29  2 PDF  15/05/19 - 05/06/19 - 01/10/19 - 20/10/19
69 CNRS  HELIOS  EUROCHAMP PTR-MS Intercomparison Campaign   HELIOS-006-2019 Armin Wisthaler  University of Oslo  Norway  12.5  PDF  06/05/19 - 24/05/19
70  KIT  AcCloud   An inter-comparison of new ice-nucleating particle counters  AcCloud-001-2019  Michael Adams  University of Leeds  United Kingdom  12  9 PDF  02/05/19 - 17/05/19
71  PSI  CCSM  BC intercomparison workshop  CCSM-003-2019 Marco Zanatta  Alfred Wegener Institut  Germany  10   16  15  PDF   13/05/19 - 24/05/19
72  UEF  ILMARI  Emission factors and formation of secondary aerosols related to sugar cane harvesting using field fires  ILMARI-004-2019  Jürgen Orasche  Helmholtz Zentrum München  Germany  12 4 PDF   27/05/19 - 12/06/19 
73  UCC  IASC  Mechanisms and secondary organic aerosol formation from the atmospheric oxidation of 2,5-dimethylfuran and gamma-valerolactone  IASC-002-2019  Alfonso Aranda   University of Castilla La Mancha Spain  36  2 PDF  04/06/19 - 31/07/19
74  TROPOS  LEAK-LACIS   Performance of the UltraFast Thermometer 2.0 under turbulent cloudy conditions LEAK-LACIS-006-2019  Jakub Nowak  University of Warsaw Poland 15  PDF  19/08/19 - 06/09/19
75  TROPOS LEAK-LACIS Heterogeneous formation of organosulfates : towards a parameterisation of the kinetics - Part 1 : chamber experiments LEAK-LACIS-007-2019   Eric Villenave  University of Bordeaux France 7  1 1 PDF  03/07/19 - 12/07/19
76  TROPOS  OGTAC CC  Heterogeneous formation of organosulfates : towards a parameterisation of the kinetics - Part 2 : off-line aerosol chemical characterisation OGTAC CC-Training-007-2019   Emilie Perraudin University of Bordeaux France 7 1 1 PDF  03/07/19 - 12/07/19
77  TROPOS  OGTAC CC  Training in Chemical Analysis of SOA Constituents Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry  OGTAC CC-Training-007-2019  Matthieu Riva CNRS-IRCELyon France 12 PDF  01/09/19 - 15/09/19 
78 UCC  IASC  Investigation of particle formation in the polluted marine atmosphere: simulation, characterization and reaction kinetics IASC-003-2019  Yosuke Sakamoto  Kyoto University  Japan  30  1 PDF  19/08/19 - 27/09/19
79  UAIC  CERNESIM  Photochemical oxidation of new "green" solvents  CERNESIM-002-2019   Terry Dillon University of York  United Kingdom  10  PDF  09/12/19 - 21/12/19
80  CNRS  CESAM  Impact of particle composition, morphology and aging on the direct radiative effect of Black Carbon aerosols   CESAM-007-2019 Angela Marinoni  National Research Centre  Italy  10  PDF  08/07/19 - 19/07/19 
81   UMAN MAC-MICC  Assessment of the Influence of Photochemical Aging on the Physical, Chemical, and Optical Properties of Black Carbon Particles MAC-MICC-002-2019   Martin Irwin Catalytic Instruments GmbH & Co.KG  Germany  15 PDF  16/11/19 - 11/12/19
82 FZJ  SAPHIR   Investigation of the impact of nitryl chloride chemistry on the radical budget in ambient air - Part II SAPHIR-005-2019  Roberto Sommariva  University of Leicester United Kingdom   5 1 0 PDF  22/07/19 - 26/07/19
83 TROPOS  WCCAP  Calibration workshop of CPC and DMPS instruments within the EUROCHAMP-2020 community  WCCAP-004-2019  Jean-François Doussin CNRS France 22  10  10  PDF 16/09/19 - 11/10/19 
84 UMAN  MAC-MICC  Impact of short-term air pollution exposure on cognitive function MAC-MICC-003-2019  Juana Maria Delgado Saborit ISGlobal Spain 32  1 PDF  07/10/19 - 19/11/19
85  TROPOS  WCCAP Instrument Intercomparison workshop - Condensation Particle Counter WCCAP-005-2019 Jiri Sperka Czech Metrology Institute Czech Republic 2 PDF  17/09/19 - 18/09/19
86  TROPOS  WCCAP  Calibration Workshop MPSS+CPC   WCCAP-006-2019 Christian Maier  Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik  Austria  8  PDF  07/10/19 - 11/10/19 
87  TROPOS  WCCAP  AP-2019-3 WCCAP-007-2019  Krista Luoma University of Helsinki  Finland 8 1 PDF   07/10/19 - 11/10/19
88  TROPOS WCCAP Development of monitoring and analysis techniques for atmospheric composition in Korea  WCCAP-008-2019 Jeongeun Kim  National Institute of Meteorological Sciences South Korea  2  1 1 PDF  07/10/19 - 11/10/19
89  FZJ  SAPHIR  The effects of Phase state on SOA Gas-particle Partitioning  SAPHIR-006-2019 Zhijun Wu Peking University China 5  1 1  PDF 08/07/19 - 25/08/19
90  BUW  QUAREC     Kinetic and mechanistic study of tropospheric degradation of a series of furanones derived from: 2(3H)-Furanone and 3(2H)-furanone initiated by Cl atoms and OH radicals at 298 K, and their atmospheric implication QUAREC-003-2019 Maria Sagrario Salgado Munoz Universidad Castilla de la Mancha  Spain 23  1 1 PDF  04/11/19 - 04/12/19 
91  BUW QUAREC  Tropospheric chemical degradation of a serie of fluoroesters initiated by OH radicals and Cl and their atmospheric implications QUAREC-004-2019 Maria Sagrario Salgado Munoz  Universidad Castilla de la Mancha   Spain    3   Postponed
92  UEA RvG-ASIC ECV-Ice intercomparison experiment for CO2 related parameters and other gases in sea ice  RvG-ASIC-007-2019 Bruno Delille Université de Liège Belgium  19  PDF  15/01/20 - 31/01/20
93  BUW  QUAREC Reactivity and distribution of oxidation products in the troposphere of hydrogenated,  and unsaturated esters. Impact on air pollution   QUAREC-005-2019 Diana Rodriguez Universidad Castilla de la Mancha Spain     Postponed
94 INFN ChAMBRe Survival of Antimicrobial Resistant Strains in the Air ChAMBRe-001-2019  Viktoria Tepper Institute of Environmental Engineering  Switzerland      Postponed 
95  UEF  ILMARI  Determination of the enhancement factor and of the size distribution for secondary PM formed during atmospheric aging of gasoline vehicle exhaust  ILMARI-005-2019  Andrea D'Anna  Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II  Italy  10  PDF 03/12/19 - 17/01/20 
96 TROPOS   OGTAC CC Aerosol particle organic analytical training course   OGTAC CC-Training-009-2019  Teresa Vera  Fundacion CEAM   Spain 5  PDF  25/11/19 - 29/11/19 
97 TROPOS OGTAC CC  Aerosol particle organic analytical training course   OGTAC CC-Training-010-2019  Agata Kołodziejczyk  Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences  Poland  5  PDF  02/12/19 - 06/12/19 
98   TROPOS OGTAC CC  Nitration of aromatic compounds under atmospheric nighttime conditions  OGTAC  CC-Training-011-2019  Ana Kroflic National Institute of Chemistry  Slovenia  20  2 PDF  06/01/20/ - 31/01/20 
99 TROPOS  OGTAC CC   Training in Chemical Analysis of SOA Constituents Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry II OGTAC CC-Training-012-2019  Matthieu Riva  CNRS IRCELyon France  10  PDF  20/01/20 - 31/01/20 
100  TROPOS  WCCAP   Nephelometer inspection and calibration WCCAP-009-2020  Esther Coz CIEMAT Spain 4  0 PDF  28/01/20 - 31/01/20
101  TROPOS WCCAP  Participation to the IN-2020-1 instrument intercomparison workshop WCCAP-010-2020  Angela Marinoni  CNR ISAC Italy 4  PDF  28/01/20 - 31/01/20 
102  TROPOS  WCCAP  Instrument comparison workshop: Mobility particle size spectrometer and condensation particle counter WCCAP-011-2020 Jan Kaiser   University of East Anglia United Kingdom 6  1 1 PDF  16/03/20 - 20/03/20 
103 TROPOS  WCCAP Intercomparison of absorption photometer  WCCAP-012-2020  Bas Henzing TNO  The Netherlands  4   2 PDF 29/06/20 - 03/07/20 
104  TROPOS  WCCAP  P-2020-1  WCCAP-013-2019  Jakub Ondracek Czech Academy of Sciences  Czech Republic  8  1 PDF  27/01/20 - 31/01/20
105 TROPOS  WCCAP  P-2020-1  WCCAP-014-2019  Miroslav Bitter   Czech Hydrometerological Institute Czech Republic  4   1 PDF  27/01/20 - 29/01/20 
102  UAIC  CERNESIM  Photodegradation of the fungicide tebuconazole in surface waters and the atmosphere: A multi-compartment approach  CERNESIM-003-2019  Davide Vione  University of Turin Italy   1   01/09/20 - 14/09/20
103  UAIC  CERNESIM  Atmospheric chemistry of oxygenated terpenes  CERNESIM-004-2019  Alexandre Tomas  IMT Lille Douai  France    2   Postponed
104 TROPOS  WCCAP   Participation to the nephelometer calibration workshop, project IN-2020-1-3 WCCAP-015-2020  Claudia Di Biagio  CNRS LISA  France  4  PDF  27/01/20 - 31/01/20
105  TROPOS  WCCAP   AP-2020-2 and IN-2020-2 calibration WCCAP-016-2020  Christian Maier  Sonnblick Observatory   Austria 4 PDF 29/06/20 - 03/07/20 
106  TROPOS   WCCAP   WCCAP-017-2020  Imre Salma  Eötvös University  Hungary           Postponed
107 TROPOS  WCCAP    WCCAP-018-2020 Adam Kristensson  Lund University  Sweden - - - CANCELLED
108  TROPOS  WCCAP Calibration of CPCs at ECAC  WCCAP-019-2020 Paul Williams University of Manchester United Kingdom  2  PDF   29/06/20 - 03/07/20
109  TROPOS  WCCAP  WCCAP calibration  WCCAP-020-2020 Luca Di Liberto   CNR ISAC  Italy 1  1 PDF 16/03/20 - 20/03/20 
110 TROPOS  WCCAP  Intercomparison of integrating nephelometers Project No: IN-2020-2-1  WCCAP-021-2020  Suzanne Cruymerolle CNRS  France 1 1 PDF  29/06/20 - 03/07/20 
111  CNRS  HELIOS  Total Hydroperoxide and Peroxide Yield from Isoprene Ozonolysis   HELIOS-007-2020  Rabi Chhantyal Pun  University of Bristol  United Kingdom  0 1 - REFUSED 
112 UAIC  CERNESIM  Atmospheric oxidation of major VOCs from selected essential oils  CERNESIM-005-2020  Alexandru Ciocarlan  Moldova Institute of Chemistry  Moldova    2   October 2020
113 FORTH  FORTH-ASC  Evolution of the morphology, chemical and optical properties of blackcarbon containing particles emitted by residential biomass burning FORTH-ASC-008-2020  Esther Coz  CIEMAT Spain 12  1 1 PDF  17/07/20 - 27/07/20 
114 INFN  ChAMBRe  EUROCHAMP BIOAEROSOLS 2020 ChAMBRe-002-2020  David Topping  University of Manchester  United Kingdom    4 4   09/09/20 - 20/09/20 
115 CNRS  HELIOS  Total Hydroperoxide and Peroxide Yield from Isoprene Ozonolysis   HELIOS-008-2020  Rabi Chhantyal Pun  University of Bristol  United Kingdom   1 1   Postponed
116  CNRS  HELIOS Study of the atmospheric degradation processes of hydrofluoroethers HELIOS-009-2020  Elena Jimenez  Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Spain   - - -  - REFUSED 
117 CNRS  HELIOS  Study of the atmospheric degradation processes of hydrofluoroethers HELIOS-010-2020  Elena Jimenez Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Spain   1 1   Postponed
118 BUW  QUAREC Ozonolysis of trimethoxybenzene isomers in atmospheric simulation chamber: from chamber development to research applications  QUAREC-006-2020  Rodrigo Gibilisco CNRS ICARE France   1   Postponed 
119 CNRS  CESAM   Multiphase brown carbon formation by the photooxidation of resorcinol and guaiacol CESAM-008-2020  David De Haan University of San Diego USA   7 6   January 2021
120  KIT  AIDA  Intercomparison of atmospheric hygrometers - AquaVIT04   AIDA-006-2020 Mélanie Ghysel Dubois Université de Reims  France   9 11   PENDING 

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